Moving Far Distances – Should Your Cat Move With You?

Although this seems rather strange to us, some cat owners believe that it’s better to rehome the family cat whemoving Suitcase-Catn they move a great distance rather than take their cat with them. If you’re about to make this decision, please think about these things first:

1. If you moved and your children or parents were living with you, would you just give them away? A cat looks at her family as her “pack”, so giving her away (or even worse, dropping her off at a shelter), is extremely traumatic for her.

2. Cats are extremely easy to transport. You can put them in a cat carrier in the car (and ask your vet for a sedative if it’s a really long trip), or in a carrier in an aeroplane.

3. Cats do eventually adjust to their new home. As long as there are familiar items around (including you and your family) and lots of attention, she will progress easily through the transition. Using pheromones will help things along, as will rubbing her blanket on different items to spread her scent around the new home.

Should you be moving overseas, make enquiries about the country’s quarantine processes (if any). Some can be up to six months, but as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have kitty in quarantine for six months with lots of visits from the family than have her sitting lost and alone in a cat shelter on the other end of the world wondering where everybody went.

Always remember that pets are not for a season and not for a reason, but for life.

– Posted by Phillipa Mitchell