Why Cats Like People Who Don’t Like Them

So you’ve gotten a new cat and you’re so excited to show him off to your friends and family. Everyone arrives and can’t wait to meet the new addition to the family, but what does his royal highness do? He turns around, tail in thePeople who hate cats air, and walks straight up to the person who is not a cat lover and proceeds to settle in on her lap.

This behaviour is a classic case of “mistranslation”. In the cat world, any form of eye contact (even if it is an interested stare) from a stranger is seen by the cat as an aggressive act.

The new kitty therefore gravitated towards the only person who was not an apparent threat – the visitor who was looking away. And why? Because from the kitty’s point of view, the non-cat lover was the only one giving out the friendliest signals.

– Posted by Phillipa Mitchell

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