Good Cat, Bad Cat: Understanding your Cat’s “Naughty” Behaviour

Naughty cat

For reasons unbeknown to us, there are some people who see cats as mean, aloof, spiteful and are even looked upon by some as evil.

However, contrary to what people think, cats are certainly none of the above and certainly not spiteful or even naughty. They are simply doing what is natural to them.

Most of the time, all your cat is trying to do is communicate something. Remember, they can’t speak, so they do the next best thing. Even if it’s knocking a crystal vase full of fresh flowers on to the floor.

Should you wish to correct any “problem” behaviour, you need to understand what your cat is trying to “say” and then show then a more acceptable form of behaviour.

The only time your cat is going to know that she is being “naughty” is when you catch her in the act. When you catch her doing something wrong, you need to correct her and then show her a form of acceptable behaviour. The best time to do this would be when she starts doing it – before the behaviour gets too entrenched and the habit becomes harder to break.

Like children, with enough positive reinforcement, your cat will eventually realise what is acceptable to you and what is not, and you will all be able to live together in perfect harmony.

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-Article posted by Phillipa Mitchell

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