How to See More of Magic Cat Kittyware’s Facebook Posts

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We have had so many Magic Cat Kittyware fans contacting us to say that they aren’t seeing our posts in their News Feed on Facebook.

Having liked our Magic Cat Kittyware Page where we post photos and videos every day, a lot of you thought that meant that Facebook would show you all our posts, but, sadly this is not the case.

Facebook only shows most people 1 in 30 of the posts we make – or possibly even less.

There is no perfect solution to this but there is one thing you can do to tell Facebook that you do want to see more of our posts in your News Feed.

We would recommend that you make these changes using a computer and not a mobile device as we’ve found that mobile devices don’t always show the same options as a computer.

If you see some of our posts in your News Feed:

1. Find the small grey ‘down’ arrow in the top right of any post.

2. Click it.

3. Click ‘Get Notifications’.

4. From now on, you should start seeing more posts.

If you aren’t seeing any of our posts at all:

1. Go to the Magic Cat Kittyware Facebook page , and find the ‘Liked’ button in the header.

2. Click on the ‘Liked’ button and click ‘Get Notifications’.

3. See more posts!

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We hope that really helps and look forward to you seeing more of our posts every day!

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