14 Famous Internet Cats Who Should Never Retire

For the sake of all of us and all future cats, let’s hope they never retire.

1. Maru

Nobody rocks a box like Maru. How will future cats ever know their full potential without his guiding light?


2. Grumpy Cat

She reminds us all that we do not have to be smiles all the time. Society would be lost without her.

Grumpy Cat

Macey J. Foronda / Buzzfeed

3. Pudge

A great thinker of our time, Pudge is able to contemplate the intricacies of the universe without getting too down about it. Plus, she can wear ice cream hats like nobody’s business. We cannot afford to lose that kind of bravery to retirement.


4. Nala

No one makes a “surprised face” look so good and so genuine. She just can’t retire before starting an acting school to teach young starlets how it’s actually done.


5. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

He actually invented retirement and did it before it was “cool,” so he’s over it. We run no risk of having him retire, thank god.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

6. Skifcha

The world just needs more musical stylings from her. We know she has more genius in her, waiting to be unleashed.


7. Snoopy Cat

His bold fashion choices make him an inspiration, but it’s more than that: He knows how to rock even the simplest of pieces. We hope he never hangs up his hat so that future cats can study his ways.

Snoopy Cat

8. Lil Bub

A clear leader in space travel, she holds too many of the universe’s secrets to retire now. Plus, she recently penned a book, so you know we’re only just getting to know her true genius.

Lil Bub

Via Macey J. Foronda / Buzzfeed

9. Henri, the Existential Cat

Who else would force us to face the truths of life?

Henri, the Existential Cat

10. Smoosh

Amazing at sitting, he is actually Lil Bub’s boyfriend! If he retires, not only would we not get to watch TV with him but Lil Bub will probably want to retire too. After all, the couple who gets internet famous together stays together.


11. Sam the Cat with Eyebrows

If Sam retires, who will listen to us so earnestly at the end of a long day? That’s right. No one.

Sam the Cat with Eyebrows

12. Shironeko

That zen, that hat, that face. The world would be lost without his pictures showcasing the importance of patience.


13. Colonel Meow

Retirement has never been an option for Colonel Meow. Who else will lead the revolution??

Colonel Meow

14. Sockington

What, retire from updates like “I stuck my face into the couch I DON’T CARE I love it” and let his million-plus followers down? Blasphemy.


So, enjoy your day off on International Cat Day, you wonderful internet sensations…

So, enjoy your day off on International Cat Day, you wonderful internet sensations...

Celebrate, because really, it’s YOUR day.

Celebrate, because really, it's YOUR day.

…but don’t forget to get back to work…

14 Famous Internet Cats Who Should Never Retire

The world needs you too much.

The world needs you too much.

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