Cats and Humans – When were Cats first Domesticated?

catArchaelogical Evidence of Cats in History

The oldest archaeological evidence for domesticated cats was found on the Greek island of Cyprus, where several animal species including cats were introduced by 7500 BC. Further, at the Neolithic site of Shillourokambos, a purposeful cat burial was found next to a human burial, dated between 9500-9200 years before the present. The archaeological deposits of Shillourokambos also included the sculpted head of what looks like a combined human-cat being.

The next is 6th millennium BC Haçilar, Turkey, where female figurines carrying cats or catlike figures in their arms have been discovered. There is some debate about the identification of these creatures as cats. Haçilar is well outside the normal distribution of F. s. lybica.


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14 Famous Internet Cats Who Should Never Retire

For the sake of all of us and all future cats, let’s hope they never retire.

1. Maru

Nobody rocks a box like Maru. How will future cats ever know their full potential without his guiding light?


2. Grumpy Cat

She reminds us all that we do not have to be smiles all the time. Society would be lost without her.

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How to See More of Magic Cat Kittyware’s Facebook Posts

Facebook Background 5

We have had so many Magic Cat Kittyware fans contacting us to say that they aren’t seeing our posts in their News Feed on Facebook.

Having liked our Magic Cat Kittyware Page where we post photos and videos every day, a lot of you thought that meant that Facebook would show you all our posts, but, sadly this is not the case.

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