Making Sure that your Cat is Correctly Identified: The Basics

Cat collarsIt is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that your cat has some form of identification.

To start with, put a visible identification tag on her collar and include important information such as her name, your name, your address and contact details. Many vets and pet shops supply this service at a nominal cost.

If you’ve never purchased a collar for your cat, make sure it is one with a breakaway clasp so that if your cat catches herself on something it will open easily and not choke her to death. A collar with a tag on it will save your cats life, but the problem is that if it comes off, there is no way of identifying your cat.

This leads us to the subject of microchips.

Microchips are inexpensive (under R400 including insertion by a vet) and a brilliant way of being able to identify your cat if she gets lost. If she is implanted with a microchip she can be quickly identified and reunited with you.microchip

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