The Amazing Marvel of a Cat’s Vision: Understanding How Cat’s Eyes Work

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUnlike humans, a cat’s eyes are designed to work best in darkness – they have an amazing power to see well enough to hunt in the dimmest of light. In fact, their eyes are six times stronger than the human eye in terms of night-vision. This is because their eyes have a very high concentration of rods (photoreceptor cells) as opposed to human’s cones which only work well in bright light. Because of the high rod count in their eyes, they have fantastic night vision.

Their great night vision explains why they are best able to hunt during the darker hours, when their prey is less likely to see them.

Their highest concentration of rods falls across the centre of their retina giving them great peripheral vision and this helps them pick up sudden sideways movements (such as a creature sensing them and rushing for cover).

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