Bathing the Reluctant Cat – How to Survive the Dreaded Cat Bath

There are very few cats who actually like taking a bath – or should we say being bathed – purely because cats were never really designed to get wet, or even to like getting wet – but if you start while they’re young most will grin and bear it.Bathing your cat 2

If kitty has gotten herself into a real mess that she cannot possibly clean herself, you may find the need to get the shampoo out. Interestingly enough, many cats will hate water being poured over their heads and bodies, but will tolerate you using a showerhead to spray water on to their fur.

Anyone who has ever bathed a cat will probably have images of claw rakes down ones hands and arms (and anywhere else that kitty could latch on to in a desperate attempt to escape the bath), but if you are able to handle your cat firmly, with confidence and an assistant, the whole process can actually be a lot easier than initially imagined.

The most important thing is that you don’t want your cat having heart failure from slipping around in the bath while she tries to make an escape, so the first thing you need to do is place a small folded towel at the base of the bath or your sink. This makes a perfect non-slip surface.

Brush your cat to remove any tangles and make sure that you have a special cat shampoo on hand. If your cat will let you, place cotton wool balls in her ears to stop water from getting in, and remember to take them out afterwards.

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