Why Cats Like to Rub up against you – Decoding your Cat’s Behaviour

Much has been written about why cats rub themselves up against those that share their home, usually in the form of a kitty greeting where they press their heads and their flanks against their human’s legs, often winding their tail around their human as well.

Photo credit: http://kittenhood.ro/leave-the-circus-join-me/

Is it because they love you? Or is there more to it?

This kind of behaviour may come across as a friendly hello or a kitty hug of sorts, which by all rights it is. When she head boops you she is actually is marking you with her scent so that you smell like everyone else in her “tribe”.

When she rubs her flank against you, she is actually picking up your scent, and if you pay attention you will see that after greeting you like this, she’ll usually go off nd groom herself, which is how she tastes the smell of her human and reestablishes her own scent.

– Article posted by Phillipa Mitchell