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ORIJEN is as passionate about their cat foods as they are about their cats. That’s why they prepare ORIJEN in their own award-winning kitchens in Canada where they control every preparation detail. They do their own research, develop their own recipes, hand-select their own ingredients and prepare their foods themselves.

For an intense, natural taste that all cats love, ORIJEN is infused with pure freeze-dried meat, liver and tripe. The freeze-drying process ensures that nothing is lost to heat or processing, retaining the natural goodness of their fresh, local ingredients. Unlike cooking, freeze-dying removes water – and water only – so all the nutrients stay in the food, exactly where they should be.

ORIJEN foods feature exceptionally high inclusions of fresh whole meats, plus richly nourishing liver, tripe, cartilage and marrow — all in ratios that mirror the natural diet, while excluding high-glycemic carbohydrates and plant proteins that simply don’t belong in the diets of cats.

The ORIJEN range includes the ORIJEN Cat and Kitten Dry Food range and the ORIJEN Six Fish Cat and Kitten Dry Food Range, suitable for kittens and cats of all breeds in all life stages, and available in a choice of a 340g, 2.27kg or 6.8kg bag.

Supplement your cat’s diet with the ORIJEN range of freeze-dried cat treats in Original and Wild Boar Flavours in 35g bags each containing approximately 100 treats. These treats are a great alternative to those fussy cats who love Greenies, which are no longer available for sale in South Africa due to restrictions imposed by the Department of Agriculture in 2016. Magic cannot get enough of them!

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