Weruva is a luxurious “human style” canned cat food made from natural, fit-for-human-consumption ingredients. Weruva formulas are produced under the strictest international human food processing standards in an “A” grade certified human food facility in the USA, using many of the ingredients that are used in products made for people.

The base proteins of chicken, beef and fish include only top quality muscle meat, such as white chicken breast, whole tuna loins and select cuts of beef. Along with the meat, fresh vegetables and other unique items such as grilled skipjack, talapia, big redeye and calamari are hand placed in cans, thereby allowing you to see the cuts of meat or fish and how they have been processed. What you see is what you get – no more mystery mush. And it tastes amazing too!

All the formulas are grain-free; the fish are sustainably harvested and wild caught, low mercury, dolphin and tutle safe; and the chicken is antibiotic, hormone and cage free.

We know your furry babies will love the taste of these wonderful complete and balanced canned foods that can be fed as a treat, topper or as the mainstay of a cat’s diet.

“Weruva’s getting a reputation for enticing finicky felines with taste standards so high they’d sooner fast than eat less than the best” ~ Julia Szabo, Pet Reporter, New York Post.

Weruva’s complete and balanced cat food is available in four delicious flavours; Paw Lickin’ Chicken (in gravy), Mideast Feast (in gravy), Polynesian BBQ (in aspic) and Mack and Jack (in aspic), in a choice of an 85g tin or a 156g tin.

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