Magic Cat Kittyware - South Africa's Largest Online Cat Boutique

Looking for a beautiful, luxury cat collar in South Africa? You’ve come to the right place.

There’s one thing for sure and that’s that if you’re living in the Southern Hemisphere, your kitty will be one of a select few who will get to wear one of our exclusive collars. That’s because they are hand made and custom produced for us in the USA. Every single one of our unique collars is made with love and care for durability, and feature a strong breakaway clasp for your cat or kitten’s safety. Our collars are made using double stitch stress points, making our collars both sturdy and gorgeous. Every collar is supplied with a bell, which can be removed should you prefer not to hear the tinkle-tinkle as your kitty walks around.

Our collars are available in Kitten size (for the little ones), and Regular. Larger collars can be custom made on request.

We hope you enjoy dressing your kitty up in our collars as much as we enjoyed choosing them and importing them for you.

And a point to ponder… Whether your kitty likes a collar or not, it can be a life-saving device if your kitty goes missing. With the large amount of feral cats that are often found roaming the streets, and your back yard, many are taken in and euthanised. If your kitty is wearing a collar, chances are this won’t happen because the person who finds your kitty will know from the collar that he or she belongs to a human.

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