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Tipsy Nip™ is some of the BEST ORGANIC CATNIP available. If you think your cat enjoys catnip, you haven’t seen anything until you let them indulge in Tipsy Nip™

The 6″ (standard) Tickle Pickle™ is our best selling cat toy! Stuffed with 100% Eye Crossing, High Potency Organic Tipsy Nip™ Catnip, your cats will love it! Magic goes absolutely crazy for our Tickle Pickles.

Tipsy Nip™ has created a line of Feline Precision Vision™ (FPV) cat toys; the Tickle Tassel and the Tickle Tassel Ball. By using colours that provide a wide range of contrast, Tipsy Nip™ FPV toys help cats see motion clearly and quickly, making it easier for them to catch their “prey” and keeping them entertained for longer periods of time.