Magic Cat Kittyware - South Africa's Largest Online Cat Boutique

Magic Cat Kittyware is a proud distributor of Tipsy Nip™ and Suki Catgear products in South Africa.

Tipsy Nip™ is some of the BEST ORGANIC CATNIP available. If you think your cat enjoys catnip, you haven’t seen anything until you let them indulge in Tipsy Nip™

The 6″ (standard) Tickle Pickle™ is our best selling cat toy! Stuffed with 100% Eye Crossing, High Potency Organic Tipsy Nip™ Catnip, your cats will love it! Magic goes absolutely crazy for our Tickle Pickles.

Tipsy Nip™ has created a line of Feline Precision Vision™ (FPV) cat toys; the Tickle Tassel and the Tickle Tassel Ball. By using colours that provide a wide range of contrast, Tipsy Nip™ FPV toys help cats see motion clearly and quickly, making it easier for them to catch their “prey” and keeping them entertained for longer periods of time.

Suki Catgear’s gorgeous cat kickers, made right here in South Africa, are soft and fluffy and HUGE, stuffed with imported catnip, and offer hours of entertainment.

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