Sadly there has been a complete block from the Department of Agriculture on importing Greenies into South Africa since November 2016 and we are devastated! All our recent shipments of Greenies were returned to the manufacturers in the USA in January 2017 by South African customs.

In terms of supplying Greenies in the future, we honestly don’t know at this stage. We have no idea what the problem is but can only imagine that there has been a change in regulations. Nobody seems to know if or when the problem will ever be sorted out, but this is South Africa and it is a government issue, so please don’t hold your breath.

If you purchase Greenies as treats, rather than for their dental cleaning powers, please have a look at our Orijen range of freeze-dried cat treats as an alternative. These treats are manufactured in Canada (but there are no restrictions on supplying them here in South Africa, thank goodness), and Magic and his brother Domino go crazy for them, especially the Wild Boar flavour. The quality is amazing; they are pure freeze-dried meat products.

If you’re keen to try them, please click through to our Cat Food and Snacks page (scroll down the menu to the left, or click on one of the product images below). We are 100% confident that the Orijen range is a more-than-suitable alternative to Greenies; Magic has sampled them himself on many occasions and has give two high paws in approval.

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